COREFL: Corpus of English as a Foreign Language


Oct. 2021

Studies that have used COREFL

This page lists studies that have used COREFL as a source of data. If you have used COREFL as a source of data in your publication / dissertation and want to see it advertised here, please send the details to Cristóbal Lozano.

Papers/chapters (in chronological order)

  1. Lozano, C., Díaz-Negrillo, A., & Callies, M. (2020). Designing and compiling a learner corpus of written and spoken narratives: COREFL. In C. Bongartz & J. Torregrossa (Eds.), What’s in a Narrative? Variation in Story-Telling at the Interface between Language and Literacy (pp. 21-46). Peter Lang.
  2. Quesada, T., & Lozano, C. (2020). Which factors determine the choice of referential expressions in L2 English discourse? A multifactorial study from the COREFL corpus. Studies in Second Language Acquisition, 42(5), 959-986.
  3. Quesada, T. (2019). Does CLIL exposure affect the acquisition of reference in written narratives? A corpus-based study of L1 Spanish-L2 English. ELIA (Estudios de Lingüística Inglesa Aplicada), 19(1(monograph)).
  4. Lozano, C., & Díaz-Negrillo, A. (2019). Using learner corpus methods in L2 acquisition research: The morpheme order studies revisited with Interlanguage Annotation. RESLA (Spanish Journal of Applied Linguistics), 32(1), 83-124.

Dissertations (in chronological order)

  1. Quesada, Teresa (2021). Studies on Anaphora Resolution in L1 Spanish-L2 English and L1 English-L2 Spanish adult learners: Combining corpus and experimental methods. PhD dissertation: Universidad de Granada.
  2. Montaño Mojica, Jorge (2020). The effect of medium in referential expression selection: A corpus-based study of advanced L1 Spanish-L2 English narratives. MA dissertation: University of Granada.
  3. ​​Aranda Redondo, Teresa (2017). Anaphora resolution in written vs. oral L1 Spanish-L2 English: A study based on the COREFL corpus. MA dissertation: University of Granada.
  4. Quesada, Teresa (2017). A corpus-based study of Anaphora Resolution (L1 English-L2Spanish): New insights into the Position of Antecedent Strategy. MA dissertation: University of Granada.
  5. Rivera Marcoulier, Marisa (2017). Anaphora and narrative construction in L1 Spanish-L2 English: A study based on the COREFL and CEDEL2 corpora. MA dissertation: University of Granada.